weapon (melee)

The longsword is of elven design, with elegant elven script etched into the blade. The crosspiece of the blade bears the distinctive likeness of an eagle’s beak.

Wyrmslayer is a +3 dragon bane longsword that grants the wielder a +3 resistance bonus against the breath weapon, spells, and spell-like abilities of all dragons. When it passes within 30-feet of a true dragon, even if the dragon is polymorphed, it begins to buzz loudly, alerting its wearer. The noise is loud enough to be heard by – and awaken – dragons within 300 feet. The sword does not react in the presence of draconians or dragon turtles.

Aura: Moderate conjuration and divination; Caster Level: 8th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, locate creature; Market Price: 137,515 stl; Weight: 8 lbs.


Forged by the Silvanesti during the Age of Dreams for use in the early Dragon Wars, the blade known as Wyrmslayer is kin to the blade Wyrmsbane.

Like its twin, Wyrmsbane, Wyrmslayer was a weapon held by the Silvanesti royal family, until it was given to Kith-Kanan before the Kinslayer War. It left the Silvanesti when Kith-Kanan departed to found the Qualinesti, and was buried with the king upon his death.


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