Dragonlance: War of the Lance

Return from Hiatus

Official recap sent by Kevin

As we left our party of heroes, they had just recently liberated the human and plainsmen captives from Pax Tharkas where they worked as slave labor for the Dragonarmies to help mine ore to fashion arms and armor for their war against the civilized races of Ansalon. With the approaching Red Dragonarmy Host approaching, the heroes were able to cause an avalanche at Pax Tharkas, filling the canyon leading to the ancient fortress with boulders, thus halting the approaching army for a time. With the slaves in tow, the heroes lead the refugees to the South.

With 800 assorted refugees in tow, the heroes were lost for a time as how to proceed. Scouting the area, you encountered a Neirdar (Hill Dwarf) settlement in the mountains and learned of the legend that an ancient relic lay at the bottom of Skullcap, the long abandoned fortress of the Arch Wizard Fistandantilus located in the Plains of Dergoth, that would open the gates of Thorbardin, the ancestral home of the Mountain Dwarves who have not been seen on the face of Krynn in over a hundred years. Gaining the blessing of the leaders of the refugees and entrusting their safety to Goldmoon, Riverwind, Flint, and Tasslehoff, the party made their way to Skullcap to investigate the rumors.

Braving the dangers of Skullcap, the party encountered Blaize, an Adult Brass Dragon, who had been in a state of suspended animation for the past several hundred years. While he could not adventure deeper into Skullcap due to his claustrophobia, he did offer aid to the heroes in the way of healing and protective spells.

Going deeper into Skullcap, the party was able to recover an ancient treasure trove of Fistandantilus’, including the Helm of Gralen (still containing the soul of the ancient Mountain Dwarf Prince). After recovering the Helm of Gralen and leaving Skullcap, Blaize explained that he would seek out the other metallic dragons and find out why they were not aiding against the Dragonarmies invading Ansalon. He promised the party that he would meet them in 1 year’s time in Palthanas (a large city located in Northern Solomnia) and share with you then what he found.
Taking the Helm with the party, you were able to open the doors to Thorbardin’s South Gate and proceeded to enter into Thorbardin. While delving into Thorbardin, you encountered Arman Kharas, a Mountain Dwarf Prince named after the ancient dwarven hero. Befriending him and assisting him in the rescue of his brother, you returned with him to the Capital of Thorbardin to meet the High Dwarf Council. Seeing the return of the Helm as a sign of the return of the ancient line of High Kings, the party agreed to assist in the recovery of the Hammer of Kharas, the ancient weapon of the High King of Thorbardin and one of the items required in the manufacturing of dragonlances.

Accompanied by the young Arman Kharas, the party ventured into the Valley of the High Kings, a valley high atop the Thorbardin mountain expanse where the High Kings of Thorbardin have been interned since the beginning of their nation. Braving the dangers of the valley, the party rested the Helm of Gralen upon the brow of a statue of Prince Grallen. Once it was donned, the statue of Prince Grallen provided the party with information on how to enter the Floating Tomb of High King Duncan, a floating castle acting as King Duncan’s final resting place.

Once accessing the Floating Tomb, the party braved various traps and haunts present, as well as looting some materials that will prove useful in fighting the Dragonarmies invading Ansalon. While investigating the tomb, you encountered an ancient dwarf that began accompanying you. He appears to have been living in the tomb for years and introduced himself as the original Arman Kharas. His appearance does seem to match that of the original Arman Kharas, and his knowledge of the tomb (that he can recall) has appeared to be very accurate so far.

As we left off, the heroes have begun to ascend the higher levels of the Floating Tomb, seeking the location of the Hammer of Kharas. This is where we will pick up tonight when we begin game.


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