Dragonlance: War of the Lance

Return from Hiatus
Official recap sent by Kevin

As we left our party of heroes, they had just recently liberated the human and plainsmen captives from Pax Tharkas where they worked as slave labor for the Dragonarmies to help mine ore to fashion arms and armor for their war against the civilized races of Ansalon. With the approaching Red Dragonarmy Host approaching, the heroes were able to cause an avalanche at Pax Tharkas, filling the canyon leading to the ancient fortress with boulders, thus halting the approaching army for a time. With the slaves in tow, the heroes lead the refugees to the South.

With 800 assorted refugees in tow, the heroes were lost for a time as how to proceed. Scouting the area, you encountered a Neirdar (Hill Dwarf) settlement in the mountains and learned of the legend that an ancient relic lay at the bottom of Skullcap, the long abandoned fortress of the Arch Wizard Fistandantilus located in the Plains of Dergoth, that would open the gates of Thorbardin, the ancestral home of the Mountain Dwarves who have not been seen on the face of Krynn in over a hundred years. Gaining the blessing of the leaders of the refugees and entrusting their safety to Goldmoon, Riverwind, Flint, and Tasslehoff, the party made their way to Skullcap to investigate the rumors.

Braving the dangers of Skullcap, the party encountered Blaize, an Adult Brass Dragon, who had been in a state of suspended animation for the past several hundred years. While he could not adventure deeper into Skullcap due to his claustrophobia, he did offer aid to the heroes in the way of healing and protective spells.

Going deeper into Skullcap, the party was able to recover an ancient treasure trove of Fistandantilus’, including the Helm of Gralen (still containing the soul of the ancient Mountain Dwarf Prince). After recovering the Helm of Gralen and leaving Skullcap, Blaize explained that he would seek out the other metallic dragons and find out why they were not aiding against the Dragonarmies invading Ansalon. He promised the party that he would meet them in 1 year’s time in Palthanas (a large city located in Northern Solomnia) and share with you then what he found.
Taking the Helm with the party, you were able to open the doors to Thorbardin’s South Gate and proceeded to enter into Thorbardin. While delving into Thorbardin, you encountered Arman Kharas, a Mountain Dwarf Prince named after the ancient dwarven hero. Befriending him and assisting him in the rescue of his brother, you returned with him to the Capital of Thorbardin to meet the High Dwarf Council. Seeing the return of the Helm as a sign of the return of the ancient line of High Kings, the party agreed to assist in the recovery of the Hammer of Kharas, the ancient weapon of the High King of Thorbardin and one of the items required in the manufacturing of dragonlances.

Accompanied by the young Arman Kharas, the party ventured into the Valley of the High Kings, a valley high atop the Thorbardin mountain expanse where the High Kings of Thorbardin have been interned since the beginning of their nation. Braving the dangers of the valley, the party rested the Helm of Gralen upon the brow of a statue of Prince Grallen. Once it was donned, the statue of Prince Grallen provided the party with information on how to enter the Floating Tomb of High King Duncan, a floating castle acting as King Duncan’s final resting place.

Once accessing the Floating Tomb, the party braved various traps and haunts present, as well as looting some materials that will prove useful in fighting the Dragonarmies invading Ansalon. While investigating the tomb, you encountered an ancient dwarf that began accompanying you. He appears to have been living in the tomb for years and introduced himself as the original Arman Kharas. His appearance does seem to match that of the original Arman Kharas, and his knowledge of the tomb (that he can recall) has appeared to be very accurate so far.

As we left off, the heroes have begun to ascend the higher levels of the Floating Tomb, seeking the location of the Hammer of Kharas. This is where we will pick up tonight when we begin game.

Adventure Log 20120224

PCs Present:

  • Kitiara
  • Rex
  • Redhound
  • Mumbles

NPCs Present:

  • Flint
  • James Riverhorn (Captain of City Watch)

New NPCs Encountered:

  • Mary & Michael (parents of Martha)
  • Paul & Clara (parents of William)
  • Katherine (mother of Jane)
  • Martha, William & Jane (children that have gone missing)
  • Thrund (ogre who joins our party)
  • Blue (a tracking dog)

Fast forward to the Fall Harvest Festival, where Flint has set up shop showing off his goods
(metalsmithing). Redhound has entered the log-throwing contest, Rex has entered a daggerthrowing
contest, and Kitiara is spending her time with the City Watch, but has mainly been assigned to keeping an eye on Redhound & Rex.

Redhound wins the logthrowing competition and is out celebrating his victory over a half-ogre
when Kitiara hears a woman calling for Martha, repeatedly. Kitiara recognizes the voice, tells
Rex & Redhound, then goes to find Mary, who is panicking, looking for her young daughter. It
seems that Mary & Michael had left Martha at the Punch & Judy show while they went to look at
the farm equipment, and have come back to find that Martha has gone missing. Kitiara starts
looking for Martha, and takes the time to alert James Riverhorn that Martha is missing. James
lets her know that William is also missing, and he was also attending the Punch & Judy show.
They continue looking for the missing children, and find Katherine, who is looking for her daughter Jane. Jane had gone to get a pie from the pie vendor, a short distance from where her
mother was when she disappeared.

At this point, Rex goes to get Redhound, because it is clear that they need help tracking the
children and it is starting to get late in the afternoon. He finds the Barbarian hanging out with
Flint & Mumbles, who agree to come along for the sake of the children.

Despite his celebrations, Redhound is able to find tracks that lead Southeast toward <missing>, along a well-travelled path. The party agrees to set out immediately.
James gives each party member a 1d4 healing drink, loans them his tracking dog, Blue, and they
head on their way.

After 3-4 hours, the party notices a large campfire with something walking around in front of it. Rex sneaks up to see what it is, and breaks a stick at the same time that the ogre farts. Rex is very thankful at this point that Redhound smells as he does, because he barely notices the smell. The ogre is sitting at the campfire roasting a cat, and it is clear that there are a lot of kittens in one of the side tents. Rex returns to the party to fill them in on what he has learned.

The party agrees to approach the ogre and ask what he knows. The ogre wants them to pay a toll, but after some discussion in which Redhound manages to confuse the ogre and Kitiara promises him some sheep, he agrees to instead show the party where the kids have been taken.

Once the party arrives at the caves that the ogre- whose name we’ve learned is Thrund- says the kids are being held in, Rex goes in ahead to scout things out, narrowly missing a spike pit. He manages to disable it so the rest of us can avoid it, then heads down the hallway. Suddenly, he comes running back out of the cave, screaming like a little girl, and tells the rest of the party that there are about 6 wolves on leashes attached to a pole in the middle of an opening in the cave. Thrund, being terrified of wolves, stays out of the caves with Blue (Kitiara has threatened him to within an inch of his life if he even thinks about eating Blue, but Thrund assures them that he only eats cats and sheep), but the rest of the party ventures in, with Rex following along reluctantly.

Mumbles throws a flaming sphere at the wolves, and Kitiara runs up and smacks one right on its head. This wasn’t the brightest move, as the wolf manages to hit Kitiara back. Redhound kills a wolf, while Rex shoots one with his short bow. Flint pulls out his daggers, trying to decide what to do, when he is suddenly ginormous. He runs up and kills a wolf. Kitiara hits the wolf in front of her, who then crawls away, down the left-hand corrider. The wolves try to bite Kitiara and Redhound, but they are too quick for the wolves and manage to dodge the snapping jaws. Redhound takes a huge swing, killing one wolf and smacking into another.

Suddenly, 3 goblins appear from right-hand corridor in the back. Rex tries shooting at them, but misses. One of the goblins cuts the leashes that held the wolves in places up until now, while the other two fire at Kitiara and Flint, but both miss. One of the goblins is killed when the flaming sphere hits him, and the other is killed by a magic missile. Flint and Kitiara each kill a wolf, then Redhound kills the remaining goblin.

The party heads up the direction the goblins came from, and Rex scouts on ahead. He hears at least 3 goblins playing some kind of card game, with one accusing another of cheating.

Going up the other corridor, Rex finds that there’s an oil slick trap, plus a log trap.

After deciding that Kitiara is the most intimidating person in the party, they decide to rest
for a bit….

Adventure Log 20120210

PCs present:

  • Kitiara Uth Matara (Human Fighter),
  • Redhound (Human Barbarian)
  • Mumbles (Gnomish Spellcaster)

PCs Present as NPC:

  • Rex (Human Rogue)
  • Flint Fireforge (Dwarf Fighter)

New NPCs encountered:

  • Blake- farmer on the north side of Crystalmir Lake
  • Snaggletooth- Chieftain of Kobolds

When we last left our heroes, they were resting up and preparing to go in search of the big green thing portrayed in the picture they found on the kobolds they fought previously.

Just as they were getting ready to leave, Milka approaches them and presents them each with a flask of revitalizing potion (grants 1d4 healing; it’s basically the weakest form of healing potion ever, and only 2 will benefit them within an hour).

The heroes set out going north along Crystalmir Lake, and run into Old Man Catan, who is standing on a tree stump, rambling away, while a gnome and dwarf stand in bewildered amusement listening to him. As the heroes approach, the dwarf hails them, and introduces himself as Flint Fireforge, and the gnome as Mumbles. They make fast friends, and suddenly 3 have become 5.

Our heroes continue their northward journey in search of the big green thing. Soon they find a small cottage near some farmland, and approach it to find a farmer by the name of Blake. He and Kitiara recognize each other, although they don’t know each other by name. In talking, Blake shared that earlier that morning, he saw 30-40 kobolds heading east along the tree line at the edge of his property.

The heroes head in the direction that the kobolds took; their trail is easy to find, because there were a lot of them. As they enter the treeline, the heroes see that there are massive numbers of goblins attacking the women and children kobolds. It is clear that the goblins are trying to completely wipe out the kobold tribe.

Redhound runs into battle. As he runs toward the goblins, Mumbles mutters something under his breath, and Redhound is suddenly enormous. He yells for the goblins to quit fighting. Kitiara charges into battle and starts killing off the goblins. Rex also joins the fight, while Flint and and Mumbles stay a safe distance away, helping as they can. In the end, Kitiara has slain 4 goblins, Redhound has killed 2, and the rest have managed to escape with their lives.

The Chieftain of the Kobolds, Snaggletooth, along with 2 of his warriors, approaches the band of heroes. He is clearly terrified of Redhound in his “giant” form, and is begging for his life and the lives of the rest of his tribe. He wants to relocate them far away from the “fat one” who he says looks just like Redhound, but is green. It is clear that he is referring to the big green thing that our heroes are searching for. Snaggletooth agrees to show the heroes where the “fat one” is, if the heroes will allow them to relocate the rest of the tribe. They agree that the kobold tribe will leave the humans alone, and the tribe will go far away.

Snaggletooth leads the heroes partway to the cave where “fat one” stays, then they rest for the night, which passes uneventfully.

The next day, Snaggletooth and his warriors showed the heroes where the cave was, then headed on their way. The heroes had Kitiara play the role of tactician, which ultimately led to both Redhound and Kit falling into a pit of rocks. Fortunately, Mumbles has some rope and the rest of the heroes are able to get them out of the pit. At this point, Rex moves to the front of the line to look for any other traps, goes a short way into the cave, then turns around and starts hauling ass away from the cave.

Suddenly, the heroes hear loud footsteps as 3 kobolds (?) and “fat one”- a large ogre who has been painted green come to the front of the cave. The ogre is demanding food. (Tami’s note: I neglected to write down what type of ogre this was- I know it was mentioned; also, I didn’t write down whether the 3 smaller creatures were actually kobolds or not- I’m just going by memory on that, so please correct me if I’m wrong).

Redhound moves into battle position, Kitiara moves up behind him. Rex moves to the far side of the pit so that he can shoot at the creatures across the pit. Mumbles biggie sizes Flint, who moves up behind Redhound and battle commences. Kitiara manages to take out one of the kobolds before the ogre knocks her unconscious. Once Kit is down, the Ogre starts beating on Redhound. It’s a rough battle, with the heroes barely making it out alive. Fortunately, Mumbles has the magic touch and is able to freeze the ogre’s head.

Redhound revives Kitiara using one of the potions that Milka gave them, and Kitiara drinks another. The heroes commence to looting the cave and find the following:

  • chicken bones (completely worthless)
  • large garnet gem (appraised at 100 steel pieces, but it needs to be cleaned up and we’d probably get at most 50 steel pieces unless we knew a reputable dealer)
  • small pouch containing 16 steel pieces
  • broken head of a short spear, which Mumbles identifies as being made of alchemical silver
  • potion that Mumbles claims, saying it is magic

The heroes return to Solace, where they are given another 100 steel pieces from the town as thanks for killing the
big green thing.


  1. We need to divide up the 116 steel pieces from this game, plus the garnet and short spear head.
  2. Can anyone use a short spear? Obviously, that’s who should get the short spear head.
  3. I propose we each get 4 steel pieces (including Rex, even though Bill wasn’t there, since we did use his character), and put the other 100 steel pieces in the party treasury, along with the garnet.
  4. As always, feel free to let me know if I’ve made any mistakes or left anything out. I’ll try to keep better notes next.
Adventure Log 20120127

PCs present:

  • Kitiara Uth Matara (Human Fighter)
  • Rex (Human Rogue)
  • Redhound (Human Barbarian)

NPCs encountered:

  • Marek Thistlethorn- Trader
  • Otik- owner of Inn of the Last Home
  • Tika- works at Inn of the Last Home
  • Tabin- son of Jonas, shot with arrow, alerts party to presence of critters who stole sheep herd, possibly killed Jonas
  • Milka- town healer
  • James Riverhorn- Captain of the Town Watch
  • Old Man Catan- Hermit in the woods, insane, but probably wise beyond measure

The adventure starts with Kitiara returning from a routine trip with the town guard and entering the Inn of the Last Home, just as Redhound arrives with Marek. Otik greets Kitiara and sends her towards Rex, who has been hanging out in the Inn for a few days, not doing much but people watching. Otik is suspicious of all strangers and wants Kitiara’s take on Rex.

While Kitiara is quizzing Rex on who he is and what he’s doing there, the stench of Redhound greets them both, followed closely by Redhound’s demand for potatoes. Marek had promised Redhound that he’d cover the costs of all food he consumed at the Inn, which is why Redhound is there. Otik, however, refuses to feed Redhound until at least some of the stench is gone. Redhound resists the bath, but Otik convinces him that all of the finest warriors undergo the water’s trials. After the bath, Otik brings Redhound to the table that Kitiara and Rex are sharing, and bring out potatoes and ale for all.

Rex and Redhound decide to have a potato eating contest, to determine whether they are to be allies or foes. Redhound is able to eat 12 potatoes without trouble, but as Rex finishes his 12th potato, he makes a run for the door and barely makes it outside before vomiting all over himself. Just then, Tabin comes running in with an arrow coming out of his side. He is bloody and pale, and has clearly been running. Rex, Kitiara, and Redhound run to his side, but Tabin passes out before he can say what happens. Kitiara takes him to Milka for healing.

Once he has had time to heal and comes to, Tabin reveals that he and his father were tending their flock out near Crystalmere Lake. They were about a 10 minute walk from the dock, going East, when a bunch of things" came out of the trees and start throwing things at them. The things were shorter than Tabin (who is about 8 years old), and they made barking noises. Rex suspects that they are Kobolds. The retelling of this has clearly frightened and worn out Tabin, so Milka gives him something to relax, while our heroes report to James Riverhorn, leaving Tabin in Milka’s capable hands.

Riverhorn asks the heroes to investigate. Using the directions provided by Tabin, the heroes were able to locate where the attack occurred, and found that Jonas was indeed killed in the attack. Confident that Riverhorn would send people to pick up the body, Kitiara urges them to follow the tracks left by the Kobolds so that they can retrieve the flock and keep Tabin from becoming a pauper. Fortunately, between Rex and Redhound, they are able to follow the track. Partway into the forest, they run into Old Man Catan, who is prophesying death, doom, and destruction and yelling about all sorts of nonsense. It is clear he is out of his gourd.

Redhound invites him to join the party, which seems to add to Old Man Catan’s insanity. Fortunately, OMC finally just wanders off and the heroes continue on their way. They eventually catch up to the Kobolds and the sheep. There are 8 Kobolds in this party. It takes several rounds, but our heroes do finally take them all out. Redhound kills 3, Kitiara and Rex each kill 2.5 (one ran, and they both put out their swords, and it was a beautiful scissor-like beheading).

Loot: (small spear, leather armor, sling) x8, 5sp, 21cp, sheets of paper, case of paints, pictures of Kobolds doing
things; one picture in particular of group of Kobolds, some in subservient poses, with huge green thing
Heroes return to Solace with sheep, uneventfully, and are awarded 10 stl pcs to split. Riverhorn ask heroes to send
out scouts and try to find the green thing. Recommends trying to talk to OMC regarding the green thing.

Loot split:

  • Rex- 1sp, 2 stl pcs
  • Redhound- 2sp, 2stl pcs
  • Kitiara- 2sp, 2 stl pcs
  • Group Fund- 4 stl pcs
  • Tabin- 21cp

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